Our values

Matra is made of people in love with quality foods and beverages.
We are women and men who passionately work and study each day together with those who share with us the love for good things..
We are the first fans of our products that are never missing on our boards.
The relationship with our producers begins only after a first stage where repeated and anonymous tastes are repeated.
Only after these audits begins the relationship with our manufacturers to establish a deep bond of trust, authenticity, reliability and security.

Our Philosophy.

Matra’s goal is to bring Italian food and wine excellence to your tables..

For us Italians, food and good tastes are something more than a tradition, they are the story of stories, culture and passion, are the result of the passionate work of women and men who make every day their enthusiasm available to make us enjoy wonderful and fulfilling experiences.

Matra addresses itself to Italians who do not like compromises on their tables, or to which, although living outside Italy, love style, culture and tradition, and love to feel a little bit italians when they are on their boards.

Treat yourself to Matra’s delight.

Enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Discover authentic taste

Each of our products is selected with love.

We bring on your tables and those of your friends only products of excellence, crafted with the best raw materials and in respect of the traditions and culture that expresses the territory in which they originate.

Choosing Matra means rediscovering the authenticity of the flavors that only the best artisans know how to return.